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Audio Content Recognition System

Audio Content Recognition System GUI,
waveform diagnostic display

Audio Content Recognition System GUI,
statistics screen view


The Audio Content Recognition System performs automatic recognition of audio content from analog or digital file sources. Application examples include advertisement tracking and recording, music (song) recognition, and copyright infringement detection. Content sources can be analog, for example radio or television inputs, digital, for example network (ethernet), telephony, high-speed serial connections, or file based formats such as WAV, MP3, etc.

The system uses perceptual processing algorithms accelerated by a CIM array card. Currently a CIM card is required; the card provides the license for the software. Although this is an upfront cost, it allows Signalogic to provide the ACRS without ongoing licensing fees or other royalties required.

Both Linux and Windows GUIs are provided to monitor the system's performance on the host machine and to monitor communication with remote clients.

Real-time operation is supported for up to 32 simultaneous source, depending on database size and complexity. Non-real-time operation is supported with larger databases.

Feature Summary