Deep learning model design, compression, and acceleration for server, Edge, and IoT products.


Signalogic delivers deep learning models for server, Edge, and IoT targets, with emphasis on low-heat, low-SWaP implementations.  The company has an extensive background in signal processing, telecom, HPC applications, embedded systems, and heterogeneous computing environments.  This mix of skills and disciplines gives Signalogic a competitive edge in delivering hardware-ready deep learning solutions for platforms including Nvidia Tegra SoC, Atom x5, ARM, Movidius, and Texas Instruments c66x.

Deep Learning Applications

Github deep learning overview page

HPC Applications

OpenCV Accelerator, process 100s of real-time livefeeds

ffmpeg Accelerator, reduce your cost-per-stream by 5x

EVS Codec, optimized for telecom applications

NFV Transcoding Solution, for high capacity telecom systems

Vidilant™ suspicious behavior tracking system, suspect detection in concurrent surveillance video streams

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