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Ordering University Packages...

  • University Packages may only be ordered from authorized distributors, not directly from Signalogic

  • Prices quoted for SBSUNIV-xxx packgages are valid only when software is used for instructional / teaching purposes. Verification of this may be required.

  • DirectDSP printed documentation available for USD 30.00. Online documentation is in software.

  • In some cases, it is possible to replace the hardware type in the package by subtracting USD 70 and adding the cost of the desired hardware

  • Prices quoted for SBSUNIV-xxx packages available only for limited time; quantities are limited

  • Please notify Signalogic at the time of the order to the distributor, so as to ensure prompt and smooth order processing and software/hardware shipment.

  • Please contact Mai Vu for any questions unanswered here.