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Signalogic makes computing faster

About Signalogic

Signalogic is organized into two (2) business lines:

1) Supercomputing Systems
2) Embedded Systems

The Supercomputing Systems product line offers high-performance computing (HPC) systems and applications. Our combined hardware-software solution accelerates servers of all shapes and sizes more than two orders of magnitude at a fraction of the power consumption, size, and weight of competing solutions. Signalogic's architecture fits the trend of heterogeneous CPU server evolution with emphasis on mainstream Linux-based programming and open source software combined with standard programming interfaces such as OpenMP. The Embedded Systems product line offers small form-factor, low power consumption systems and applications, including embedded multicore CPU modules, micro motherboards, and PC104 and similar boards. The company offers a range of off-the-shelf products as well as design and engineering services. The company maintains core competence in both hardware and software design. We work closely with Texas Instruments and their multicore CPU division.

Products and Services Offered

Fully supported hardware is available directly from Signalogic as a Signalogic-designed and produced product or as a result of VAR agreements with OEM hardware manufacturers.

Signalogic provides host and embedded software APIs for hardware products with additional software integration as needed for specific customer applications. This is followed by unified and extensive technical support for combined software/hardware systems.

Additionally, Signalogic provides custom hardware solutions, with a variety of analog I/O options with numerous successful designs in the field.