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Audio Advertisement Recognition

Some of the information on this page is no longer relevant. Please click here for updated information on the current Audio Content Recognition System.


Under contract with Software Ventures International Corp. (SVI), Signalogic has participated in development of a PC-based system which can recognize advertisements in real-time from audio input. The system uses proprietary DSP/data acquisition boards with powerful, super-fast DSP devices which plug into an industrialized Win9x or WinXP PC platform. The system does not depend on broadcast or transmission media formats, language, or other location-specific aspects. The ad database may contain up to 10,000 entries, and recognition rates are higher than 98% for advertisements 10 sec and longer.

Because the system uses real-time technology, system complexity and cost is decreased. Real-time operation makes it possible to simply store matching results, rather than using networked PCs to store large amounts of program material for subsequent post-processing.


Applications include:

  • advertisement verification and count

  • advertisement sequence or pattern detection

  • competitive analysis

  • demographics information gathering

For More Information...

For more information about SVI Advertisement Recognition systems, please send e-mail to Jae Guanio at SVI.