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Technical Support
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Technical Support

Signalogic is committed to providing the highest level of customer service to include the most difficult areas of engineering design and development.

Whether your need is solutions to initial problems of installation and startup or later operational issues, we are here to help. The subjects that follow are intended to help you get started with products, become familiar with them, improve utilization as well as resolve the more difficult issues you may experience.

The information furnished here is based on a collation of previous customer technical support questions to which Signalogic engineers responded. These pages have been enhanced over time with cross-references. Please feel free to provide feedback about subjects shown by contacting Tech Support.

We strongly encourage customers to use the diagnostics and utilities included with standard software tools such as Hypersignal-Macro, DirectDSP, SCI, VDS, and other packages offered by Signalogic. Those tools exist for several reasons, a key one being an assist to our engineers in order for them to provide fast and accurate tech support. For example, to debug problems and resolve technical issues, we may ask you to run certain tests using the standard software to allow comparing your results with ours.

Below you will find multiple categories of technical support, organized by product and area as well as alphabetically.

Case Incidents

Hardware, by Processor Type

Software, by Product Type

Getting Started and General Information

Other Technical Reference

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