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Customer Service


How To Order

Update Policy

Signalogic's software update policy works this way:

1) Updates for all software packages normally cost USD 250 and are good for a 1-year period.

2) A software update may be purchased at any time; the latest version of that package is delivered upon purchase. Standard shipping charges apply.

3) Up to 3 additional software updates may be requested during the 1-year period. These are sent using regular mail, with no shipping cost charges.

4) Bug-Fixes are a separate issue, and are handled independently.

Bug-Fix Policy

All software products have unlimited lifetime support for bug-fixes. If you encounter a bug which prevents the software from operating as advertised, then we will always fix this, or provide a current version (or equivalent product version) which fixes the bug or enables a work-around.

Return and Receiving Policies

Hardware products may be returned within 30 days of receipt. There are exceptions, including:

1) when NCNR (non-cancellable, non-returnable) form is required to be signed by the customer. NCNR applies in some instances depending on order terms (for example special terms or discount), geographic location of the customer, component content where Signalogic had to sign an NCNR with its supplier, and other instances

2) customization of the order; i.e. work was done by Signalogic that to meet specific to customer requirements

Software products purchased together with hardware products may also be returned in 30 days (i.e. all items, including hardware, must be returned together) -- again, excluding systems where hardware has been modified or customized per customer requirements.

Below are specific items relating to hardware modifications, software drivers, and board trade-ins:

1) Returns based on blue wires or other board rework will not be accepted. All rework is performed according to IPC-A-610. If you have concerns about this, please ask for pictures of board surfaces to be sent to you prior to shipment. You can choose to request modifications to rework at that time, based on the IPC-A-610 standard or your internal company variation of it. But to emphasize, the mere fact a board has rework is not sufficient cause for return

2) Returns based on board driver issues will not be accepted. Signalogic provides Win9x drivers standard for all boards, and Win2K/WinXP and Linux drivers for newer boards. If you need one of these board drivers and it was not included in the software package sent to you, please ask.

3) Trade-ins for newer revision boards are only accepted based on original purchase agreements. If you are concerned about receiving a next-revision board at a future date, please discuss features and bug-fixes with technical personnel at Signalogic and determine a trade-in arrangement and cost with purchasing personnel.

There is no return allowed for software products purchased alone.

Within 30 days after receipt by Buyer of any shipment, Buyer will be responsible to inform Signalogic of a shortage, defective or shipment errors. It is buyer's responsibility to confirm all items in the package using the packing list!! If you need a digital photo of the shipment contents prior to shipment, please request.

Note that the above return policy for combined hardware and systems does not apply in the case of special circumstances; for example:

  • rush or expedited orders

  • loan hardware produced or shipped on expedite basis

  • application-specific work and/or design material provided by Signalogic on contract or consulting basis

  • application-specific work and/or design material provided by Signalogic for no charge on expectation of additional board or software orders
  • In the above cases, it may be possible to return hardware components on a case-by-case basis if acceptable to Signalogic engineering management, but not software.

    All hardware returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge plus cost of any repairs required. Before returning a product for repair, call Signalogic and obtain a RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION (RMA) number. Please carefully package the unit, in the original shipping materials and ship pre-paid and insured with the RMA number cleary written on the outside of the package. Include the return address, contact email address and details of the problem.

    In-Warranty Repairs

    In-warranty repairs are no-charge according to the warranty certificate sent with the product. The warranty period can vary depending on the product; for hardware it might range from 90 days to 1 year, for software it might have a lifetime warranty for certain type of bugs or require an upgrade for others. Please consult the specific warranty.

    For hardware repairs, here are some important notes:

  • Damage caused by customer is not covered; examples include ICs that have obviously burned, black or burn marks on the board, caps or other components partially torn off, IC connector pins that are bent or loose, IC pins dented or mashed together, jumper or measurement wires attached to a component or connector by the customer that has caused damage, components repeatedly soldered and unsoldered by the customer (causing damage to pads on the PCB), etc.  Such damage can happen in a number of ways, for instance the board ismis-aligned by one pin when plugged in, AC power is inadvertently applied to an IO connector, a coin or other metal or liquid of some type is dropped on the board while operating, IC pins are inadvertently dented when the board is in storage, causing a short, then the board is plugged in and run, etc. (If you think any of these are funny they are not, because they have all happened to boards that were sent back to us for repair).
  • Depending on the product, a USD 200 deposit might apply to diagnose the board. If so, and the problem is covered under warranty; i.e. turns out not to be customer-caused, then the deposit will be refunded. Whether this is required depends mostly on the complexity of the system and time required for diagnostic; some examples include the board is embedded inside a box and requires careful disassembly, diagnosis requires high-voltage care and precautions, the board is old and requires archived software or test fixtures in order to perform diagnostic, etc.

  • Note that if a it turns out to be customer-caused damage, then the rules for "Out-of-Warranty Repairs" apply, as stated below.

    Out-Of-Warranty Repairs and Upgrades

    Out-of-warranty repairs, upgrades, and custom configurations will be billed on a labor and materials basis with a minimum charge of USD 565.00. There may be exceptions to the minimum charge depending on board type and nature of the work, but to qualify for an exception the work must be discussed with Signalogic engineering staff in advance and in detail and all parties must be in full agreement on what work will be performed.

    Return freight charge will be billed as part of the repair and is in addition to minimum charge.