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JTAG emulator

JTAG Emulators

JTAG emulators are the "umbilical cord" between PC software tools and DSP boards during development. Typically connecting to the host PC via parallel port or USB port, the JTAG emulator provides a standard, simple way to give the development tool software a direct connection to one or more DSP devices on the target board.

JTAG-based debug provides a "stop-action, close-up view" of what's happening on the board and inside the DSP(s). JTAG debug applies during both hardware development -- when the board is first powered on and each section of the board (memory, digital I/O interfaces, analog I/O, etc) is tested and debugged -- and during software development, when DSP code is being created and tested.

By far the most popular host PC development tool environment is Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio (CCS) software. CCS provides traditional development capabilities such as C/asm source code editing,compiling, linking, make and build options. CCS also includes a "Visual Studio-like" GUI, or IDE -- Integrated Development Environment -- that includes code build options, visual configuration of software components such as real-time operating system and DSP chip drivers, and waveform display.

When combined with a JTAG emulator, CCS provides crucial board debug and "bring up" capabilities such as single-step, breakpoint, memory and symbol display and "watch", executable code download, and data file transfer.

All of the JTAG emulators listed on this page are fully CCS-compatible.