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SRAM Adapter, SOJ to JDEC

Picture of ADAP32 SRAM adapter

The ADAP32 is an SRAM adapter (SOJ to DIP adapter) which allows 32 and 36-pin SOJ SRAM devices to be used in 28 and 32-pin through-hole DIP (JDEC) sockets.

Note that this adapter is not a straight one-to-one pin-out format. It is instead designed to accept SRAM parts with center power and ground (center pwr and gnd), sometimes called "revolutionary SRAM", and translate into JDEC format.

As SRAM device packaging has evolved, driven partly by the PC industry, larger SRAM sizes (e.g. 512k x 8) and faster devices (15 nsec access time or less) are only available in SOJ, TSOP-xx, and TQFP, and not in DIP format. This creates a problem for board designs which have DIP sites for SRAM devices.

For board designs which originally specified expansion SRAM as DIP or use DIP sites to accomodate a mix of SRAM and EPROM devices, the ADAP32 solves the problem. The ADAP32 also can be used to upgrade existing board designs and installed board products or systems to use larger and/or faster SRAM devices.

ADAP32 Feature Summary

The ADAP32 can be ordered either with or without SRAM devices installed. Price depends on SRAM type. Quantity discounts are available.