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Tech Support Precedures

Problem Description

a. Customer should describe the problem via e-mail in details, including error print-outs or log files if applicable. Screen captures are sometimes a fast, convenient way to document error messages; any screen capture images should be attached to the e-mail.

b. For possible hardware problems, Customer should attach to problem description e-mail digital scope and/or logic analyzer screen captures, if available.

c. Customer should list the DSP code binary being used, if applicable, and the host program being used, if applicable. If application-specific non-Signalogic and/or non-Texas Instruments DSP and host code is being used, the Customer should provide careful and complete detail on the part of the application-specific code that is believed to be related to the problem.

d. In cases where significant time has elapsed between delivery and the tech support issue, Customer is encouraged to supply file date/time and size information for the following files that are relevant to the board and DSP type being used:



Initial Signalogic Response

a. Signalogic engineers will respond to the problem via e-mail. In some cases, for example questions about location of software instructions, source code examples, updated files for software, schematics, diagrams or other documentation..., a technical marketing person may reply instead of an engineer.

b. The response is normally within 24-48 hrs, but not always.

c. A problem ID number may be assigned and included in the subject line of the reply, and this ID number *should not* be removed in subsequent replies.

d. The Signalogic response may include instructions to run various Signalogic development tools, test utilities, and demo programs.

Methodology of Debug and Problem Reproduction

a. Signalogic engineering responses normally are oriented towards trying to reproduce the problem with the standard Signalogic and Texas Instruments software and hardware development tools, although this is not always possible.

b. Signalogic engineers may ask Customer to run certain instrument or other waveform measurement tests using software utilities in Hypersignal, DirectDSP, or VDS software, capture a waveform or other screen plot, and send to Signalogic.

c. Customer should understand they may need to simplify their test, comment out sections of source code, re-connect hardware in a different manner, etc. in order to move closer to a way of reproducing the problem using standard tools and configuration that are available to Signalogic engineers. The "farther removed" the Customer's problem from a standard configuration, the longer it may take to find an answer or work-around.