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HighWire HW400c/2 Gateway and Communication Server cPCI Blade

PTMC core processing platform with PICMG 2.16


One Stop Systems's HighWire series of communications controller products provide high bandwidth intelligent connectivity to servers designed to act as gateways and signaling points within communication networks and network devices. For embedded Linux applications, HighWire products can be coupled with our WAN and LAN PCI mezzanine cards or other third party PMC products to create a highly flexible core computing and connectivity solution for communications, military/government, medical and industrial control markets.

The HW400c/2 is a 6U CompactPCI core processor with dual PTMC sites, dual Ethernet, PICMG 2.16 Packet Switched Backplane, and H.110 CT-Bus interfaces. This modular, flexible core processing blade is available in a bundled solution that couples the HW400c/M with TimeSys Linux GPL Software Developers Kit (SDK) to provide a complete blade computing platform for scalable, high-availability networking.

Designed as an advanced technology building block for processor enabled telephony and data communications I/O solutions, the HW400c/2 has two modular I/O sites that support both standard PMC and CT Bus enabled PTMC modules. The PTMC sites are linked to a time slot interchanger and full H.110 CT bus interface for a complete TDM switching solution. Two 10/100 Ethernet controllers provide software selectable front or rear panel access or dual node CompactPCI Packet Switched Backplane support.

A 1.0 GHz MPC7447A PowerPC processor with 64MB of fast SDRAM and an extended Flash memory array provides a core protocol processing engine for servicing installed modules, dual cPSB/Ethernet ports, host PCI, and TDM interface.

HW400c/2-compatible PTMC CT Bus-enabled modules provide channelized  T3, T1, E1, and J1 interfaces and PMC modules for most telecom and data communications applications.

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HW400c/2 Hardware Specifications

System Processor Architecture Freescale MPC7447A PowerPC, 1.0 GHz
Marvell MV64462 System Controller                    
Memory 256 MB or 1 GB DDR SDRAM
128 MB Disk-on-Chip Flash File System
Boot ROM and NVRAM
PTMC Sites    

2x PICMG 2.15, PT2MC, PT5MC sites - 3.3V signaling
PICMG 2.3 Rear I/O Mapping

PSB/Ethernet 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet cPSB - PICMG 2.16 Single or Dual Node
2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet per PT5MC site
Additional Front Panel RJ45 Ethernet
H.110 Interface PICMG 2.5 CT Bus Interface
4096 Timeslot H.110
2560 Timeslot Local CT Bus (PT2MC)
4096 Timeslot Local CT Bus (PT5MC)
CompactPCI Interface 32/64-bit, 33/66 MHz PCI 2.2
PICMG 2.1 R2.0 Full Hot Swap
CompactPCI 6U x 4HP (single slot)
Power Requirements    20 W (max) @ +5 VDC
5.3 W (max) @ +3.3 VDC
10.7 W (max) @ VIO
PTMC sites @ up to 15 W per site
Certifications CE, UL, cUL, FCC Class A (pending)