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Company History

What We Do

Signalogic specializes in DSP software and hardware development products and production DSP and FPGA-based hardware solutions. The company offers a wide range of off-the-shelf products, and software integration, real-time algorithm development and disign services.

Who Started Signalogic?

The company was founded in 1991 by Jeff Brower, who previously cofounded Hyperception in 1984. At Hyperception, Jeff was a driving force behind the granddaddy of DSP software packages, Hypersignal-Workstation. At Signalogic, Jeff has continued to build DSP-based software and hardware solutions.

What's All This Hardware Stuff, Anyway?

Signalogic originally started as a DSP tools company, building DSP software pieces that required third-party DSP boards. That changed in the late 1990s as the company moved to a more 'hardware-centric' position, and shifted its software focus to providing complete system solutions that typically include a hardware component.

Since 2004, the company has continued to advance its product range and technology by focusing on combined expertise in DSP, FPGAs, small-form factor, high-density dense design, and software integration. This has allowed the company to find footholds in infrastructure markets occupied by larger competitors.

All supported hardware are available directly from Signalogic as a Signalogic-designed and produced product or as a result of VAR agreements with OEM hardware manufacturers.

Signalogic provides host and DSP software APIs for hardware products, and additional software integration as needed for specific customer applications. Signalogic provides unified and extensive technical support for combined software/hardware systems.

Additionally, Signalogic provides custom DSP-based hardware solutions, with a variety of analog I/O options--and we have some successful OEM custom designs to prove it. Please send questions to

Why We Are Good

Signalogic lives where the cutting edges of signal processing, DSP, and FPGA technology intersect. We maintain close relationships on all sides, from theoretical providers and online tech groups, to chip vendors, to software providers. Signal processing includes widely disparate fields, from voice to video to wireless to control systems to medical to RF and satellite communications. Clearly it takes years of experience and a wide variety of product development to create the foundation that allows Signalogic to stay current.