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Hypersignal without a processor card

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Hypersignal without a processor card
Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2003 20:15:39 -0600
From: Jeff
To: John

Hi John-

Go to System Config menu (righthand side of main menu, under Utilities column), and
for any of the first (4) items there, enter 'none', instead of specifying a board
type.  You might want to write down your board type if you plan to replace all 4x

That's it!

Yes the same feature is in all Hypersignal-Macro (HSM) and Hypersignal-Acoustic (HSA)
software versions.  Keep in mind that the instrument functions can only accept file
input if no board type is selected for them.


"John" wrote:

Hi Jeff,
  When I started using Hypersignal back in the late 80s, and before I
bought the Ariel processor, I seem to remember that it was possible to run
some of its functions using only the PC's processor. If my recollection is
correct, is this mode of operation still possible? I couldn't find a way to
set it up so I was wondering if it is included in the newer versions of HSM.
  If it's still available I'm thinking that this might be a temporary way
to solve my PCI slot problem.