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DSP Code & Algorithm Development

Audio/acoustic algorithms, including FFT, correlation, adaptive filtering, MP3 and other audio codecs, AGC, real-time "long convolution", noise and undesired signal cancellation, etc.

Control Systems, including PID algorithms, adaptive gain and coefficient algorithms, actuator and sensor conrol and interface, retuning detection, non-linear algorithms, resonance detection, etc.

Measurement of all types; for example, MLS, TDS, frequency sweep and other transfer function and frequency response measurement, FFT and other spectrographic displays, pulse and frequency detection, alarm systems (e.g. glass breaking), image processing, hamoric analysis transient analysis, frequency zoom, modal analysis, freq domain signatures, etc.

Communications, for example compressed speech, sync serial protocols, modems, VoIP protocols, mixing, complex sampling, quadrature operations, and other freq domain techniques, etc.

Frequency domain display, including short-tire FFT, triggering modes, peak-hold, averaing, power spectrum, transfer function, unwrapped phase, spectrographic and contour plots, wavelet tranform display, etc.