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Linux Driversh

Example real-time digital scope display under Linux, using SigC54xx-PC/104 card with DSP and audio modules installed.  XLib was used for graphics environment in above screen captures. Both XLib and wxWindows examples are available.
4-trace digital scope display, using SigSD4 audio module on SigC54xx-PC/104 card, under Xlib. Music data sampled at 48 kHz is shown on traces 3 and 4. Demo software and hardware configuration dialog, running under wxWindows.

Signalogic has started a Linux Drivers development effort for SigC54xx boards. Currently the effort is focused towards a specific customer, but over time the company plans to productize the drivers.

Both a loadable kernel module and shared library module are being developed. The shared library module will eventually become part of the DirectDSP® software product and provide access to DSP boards from high-level applications such as C/C++ IDEs and MATLAB, as the Windows version of the DirectDSP software does currently.

Initially the SigC54xx-PC/104 board will be supported; drivers for this board are extendable to the SigC54xx "Dev" boards and PCI boards. In turn, Linux Drivers for these boards are extendable to the SigC67xx series of PC/104, Dev, and PCI boards.

If you are using, or planning to use a Signalogic-supported board and need it to run under Linux, the possibilities are steadily improving. Options including contract work for specific boards and minimum system purchases for more popular boards are possible.

Please contact: dsp (at) for more information.