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MATLAB® DSP Interface

Screen View in DirectDSP

Signalogic DSP software provides two (2) methods of interface to MATLAB:

1) Programmatical (from .m programs, usingDirectDSP® sw)


Method #1 is represented by DirectDSP® software, which can be called from MATLAB programs. This Library contains a number of hardware-related functions that can be of use to MATLAB programs concerned with data acquisition or DSP. Low-level functions include onboard DSP control, download of DSP chip program files, onboard memory transfer, register and digital I/O access, sampling rate control, analog I/O parameter control, and DSP code configuration. High-level functions include waveform file acquisition, waveform file playback, continuous function generation, digital oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, stimulus & response, and more. Over 70 types of DSP/analog hardware types can be accessed from MATLAB; click here for apartial list of supported hardware when the DirectDSP is combined withHypersignal® Macro software. Click on the following to see examples of .m programs that use the DirectDSP:

DirectDSP is actually a standard Windows library which is intended to be called from C/C++ and Visual Basic programs, but has been modified to accept a MATLAB interface also. Thus, a proven, off-the-shelf product is available for MATLAB users--unlike the current set of .MEX and other specialized tools which work only with MATLAB, and thus cannot benefit from the full range of Windows users.

Minimum System Requirements for Signalogic DSP Software

For complete information on MATLAB® by The Mathworksclick here to go to The Mathworks home page.