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LabVIEW®DSP Interface

DirectDSP®software allows the widely used LabVIEW data acq. and instrument software to access non-National Instruments DSP/data acquisition boards. DirectDSP?provides VIs (virtual instruments) which augment LabVIEW with direct access to more than 80 types of DSP and data acquisition hardware, including DSP and math functions and real-time DSP processing.

Directly from LabVIEW VIs, DirectDSP® software provides DSP and data acquisition functions, including "hot-line" access to the DSP, onchip and onboard memory, serial and other digital I/O, and analog I/O channels. DirectDSP?provides four (4) levels of VIs: demos, high-level functions, instrument functions, and low-level (library) functions. Over 100 low-level library functions are provided, including board and DSP control, board configuration and interrogation, analog I/O sampling rate calculation and other setup, onchip and onboard memory transfer, DSP program (COFF) file download, and DSP data type conversion. When combined with the company's Hypersignal software, higher-level VI functions are active, including continuous streaming to/from hard disk, arbitrary waveform generation, stimulus & response measurement, and instrumentation functions such as spectrum analyzer and digital oscilloscope.

DirectDSP® software supports LabVIEW v6.1, and includes several VI diagram and instrument panel examples. Demo VIs are included which display a list of available hardware drivers on start-up. The company's supported hardware list offers a wide range of DSP/data acquisition hardware manufactures, including Innovative Integration, Sanmina-InterWorks, Texas Instruments, Motorola, and more. Several types of data acquisition hardware types are available, with sampling rates ranging from dc to 40 MHz. Hardware types include multichannel, industrial automation and control, sonar and acoustic/audio, instrumentation grade, and very low-cost. In addition to numerous analog I/O options, other typical board options include serial and parallel digital I/O, amount of SRAM, and DSP clock speed.

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