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Minimum System Requirements for Signalogic DSP Software

These are the minimum system requirements to run DirectDSP®, Hypersignal®-Macro Realtime, Hypersignal®-Acoustic, VDS™, etc...

  • 450 MHz Pentium P3 with 128 Mbyte RAM
  • Win2k, WinXP, Linux, Win9x and WinME. Win2k/XP and Linus drivers supported only for new C5xxx and C6xxx boards; please inquire regarding current OS support status.
  • A few software packages, for example VDS, are not supported yet by Win2k and Linux drivers -- work which may either be in progress or scheduled. Please inquire as to status
  • in some cases, the software may run on P1 or P2 machines at rates as slow as 100 MHz, but fully correct operation is not guaranteed