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VoIP Server Configuration Examples

Below are examples of PC/Server platforms configured with the SigC5561 high capacity VoIP card.  Note that even with maximum DSP load (12 devices) max power consumption of the SigC5561 card (23W) is still less than PCI 2.2 spec (25W).



SigC5561 card installed inside desktop PC

Desktop backplate

1U Configuration

SigC5561 card installed inside a 1U server

1U server backplate

2U Configuration

SigC5561 card installed inside a 2U server

2U server backplate

1U NEBS Compliant Configuration

SigC5561 card installed inside a 1U NEBS server

1U NEBS server backplate

PCIe MotherBoard

SigC5561 card installed into x4 PCIe slot

PCIe MotherBoard


shown with two (2) SigC5561 modules
and one OC3 STM-1 module installed, functioning
as complete G729 OC3 media gateway


Server Recommendations

1. PCI slot in which the SigC5561 card will be used should conform to PCI 2.2 specification. Specifically, the PCI slot should provide 25W power and full-height, half length PCI card mechanical fit.

2. The server chassis should provide adequate airflow over the PCI expansion area. At least 50 cfm is recommended for the SigC5561 card.

3. All server fans should be rated to a minimum of 100,000 MTBF.

4. If possible, the power supply should be positioned on the opposite side of the chassis as PCI expansion area.

5. The server chassis should conform to proper earth/chassis grounding practices.  In particular, signal ground at the PCI slot should not be tied to chassis ground.  The SigC5561 card conforms to GR 1089 regulatory requirements for surge suppression and isolation; the card expects a separate chassis ground to be maintained from PCI slot gnd signals and, if applicable, PCI riser gnd signals.  The SigC5561 card implements chassis gnd via mounting hardware and backplate.