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SigC67xx-SODIMM Module Images

Front view of SigC67xx SODIMM module, including two (2) 150 MHz C6711 processors (performance boost to 200MHz in 1Q03), two (2) 4M x 32 SDRAM devices, and Host/TDM routing logic.
Back view of SigC67xx SODIMM module, including, two (2) additional C6711 processor and SDRAM pairs, plus optional boot/FLASH EEPROM device.

SigC67xx-SODIMM Module PCB / Layout Images

Below are images of top and bottom layers of the SigC67xx-SODIMM module. The PCB is 12 layers and incorporates state-of-the-art high-speed, low-noise design techniques, including equidistant trace lengths for DSP-to-SDRAM interfaces, internal clock layer protection, and carefully controlled dielectric thickness and material, impedance and capacitance between layers. The ability to carry a complex hardware design through the PCB stage, and maintain careful monitoring and guidance of the layout and fab processes, set Signalogic and its engineers apart from other hardware design companies.