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SigIMS Data Flow Diagram,
Hardware Accelerator Mode

SigIMS Data Flow Diagram,
Hardware RTP Streaming Mode

SigIMS Data Flow Diagram,
Software Only Mode

Asterisk Software Architecture Diagram

SigIMS IMS Platform


The SigIMS platform is a configurable, multi-server based system that supports the following functionality:

For high channel capacity, SigIMS applications can be enabled with Texas Instruments VoIP device hardware, such as the SigC5561-PCIe card.

SigIMS includes one or more of the following software components:

SigIMS may also include one or more of the following hardware components:

Hardware components are optional, depending on per-server channel capacity requirements. In software-only configurations, SigIMS runs with 100% functionality, but reduced channel capacity.


Session Border Controller (SBC) and Media Resource Functions

SigIMS platform SBC and media resource features include:


Conferencing is supported both in software-only and hardware acceleration modes. The SigC641x-PCIe card supports voice conferencing, ranging from 680 3-node conferences up to one 2048 node conference.

PSTN Interfaces

PSTN interfaces are supported one of two ways:

Hardware Based Transcoding

The SigC5561-PCIe card


Interoperability Tests

SigIMS has been tested with the following software and mobile client components:

Carriers tested include:


Some of the SigIMS advantages:

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1 Asterisk is an open source B2BUA.
2 pjsip is an open source mobile client with SIP and RTP interfaces, supporting Nokia phones, HTC phones (Android), and iPhone.