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DSP Development and Integration Tools

(Real-Time Composer™ Visual Environment currently not available)

MATLAB Interface

Visual IDE

Visual Environment

LabView Interface

Two fundamental approaches are available for DSP/data acquisition algorithm, real-time code, and product development and DSP function integration.

The DirectDSP®; programming interface includes programming environment support for MATLAB®, LabView®, Visual Basic, and C/C++. The DirectDSP approach allows DSP/data acquisition support and integration to be added to existing projects and allows installed, popular development environments to continue to be used.

The Real-Time Composer™ Visual Environment includes block diagram and signal flow, C/asm code editor, visual IDE to control DSP/data acquisition tools (compiler, linker, assembler), and real-time code generator. The Real-Time Composer™ environment provides a complete, integrated system which allows algorithm design, simulation, analysis, display, and code generation.

DirectDSP®; Programming Interface
  • Overview

  • Technical Information

  • MATLAB Interface

  • LabView Interface

  • Visual Basic Interface

  • C/C++ Interface

    rtc; Visual Environment
  • Overview

  • Technical Information

  • Block Diagram and Code Editors

  • Real-Time Code Generator

  • Visual IDE for DSP Vendor Tools

  • When combined with the DSP/data acquisition board, DirectDSP software allows DSP and data acquisition access from all supported programming environments, and RTC software allows block diagrams and C code to be debugged in real-time, as code executes. Debug and probe-point constructs contained in Real-Time Composer™ software include symbol readout, gauges and monitors,and waveform displays. Profiling and code statistics are also available.