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Suspect detection algorithm tracking two subjects simultaneously in real-time, one with a backpack and one carrying a bag.  Analysis mode is enabled (tracked subjects and objects are marked in green outlines)
Vidilant™ suspect detection software tracking two subjects simultaneously
in real-time, one with a backpack and one carrying a bag. In the screen grab
above, analysis mode is enabled (tracked objects are marked with green and
some statistics are printed). Note the poor quality of the original CCTV
footage, and the algorithm's ability to deal with that

Surveillance Video Tracking and Detection (Suspect Tracking and Detection)

Product Info

Vidilant Suspect Detection Software     Vidilant Suspect Detection Software     Vidilant Suspect Detection Software

CIM32 PCIe Card

CIM64 PCIe Card

Signalogic Part # DHSIG-CIM32-PCIe / DHSIG-CIM64-PCIe
Signalogic Logo
Description Vidilant™ Suspect Tracking and Detection Software
Product Categories HPC (High Performance Computing), Algorithms
Product Status New Introduction

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Product Description

The Vidilant™ system targets live feed, real-time applications that require a high degree of concurrency. The system is based on high performance servers configured with one or more of the supported accelerator cards (listed above). Server examples include HP DL380 series, Dell R7xx, or Supermicro 6016GT or 1028Gx series. The accelerators contain multicore CPUs (not GPUs) and their own NICs to allow high bandwidth, low latency connection directly to video streams and camera feeds.

Product options include software only, software and accelerator cards, and complete systems with fully configured servers.


The Vidilant™ system's combination of robust, real-time algorithms and HPC server configuration (including accelerator card option) allows effective, real-world applications that need 100s or 1000s of cameras. Applications include: At the same time, since the Vidilant™ system is not GPU based, it's scalable to small form-factors requiring low SWaP (low size, weight and power consumption), using small x86 based servers and reduced size accelerator cards (an example shown here). Small form-factor applications include:

Related Applications

For other, related applications, the Vidilant™ system may also be configured with appropriate real-time algorithms, including:

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Tech Support

Signalogic's engineering staff designs, develops, maintains, operates, and tests software and hardware in the company's in-house lab, using servers from HP, Dell, Supermicro, Artesyn, Advantech, and others, and Linux installations including CentOS, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Wind River, Gentoo, and more. Streaming output is tested using Android and Microsoft Surface tablets with players including VLC, MPlayer, and others. Customers can submit technical questions via e-mail, phone, or Skype chat.

Signalogic engineers are experts in server and embedded system development. Unlike retailers and distributors who offer analytics and video-related products, Signalogic can also perform contract development. Signalogic is a member of third-party programs for HP, Dell, Intel, and Texas Instruments. A high level of expert tech support is a distinct advantage when purchasing products from Signalogic.