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Visual Bench™ Software

Signalogic's Visual Bench software has a dual purpose:

  • Visual Bench is a suite of stand-alone, virtual instruments which can use any of the 100+ types of DSP/acquisition hardware supported by Signalogic. Visual Bench instruments provide DSP-based, ultra-low-cost, off-the-shelf functionality comparable to much more expensive alternatives. Because of the wide variety of hardware supported, such low-cost choices as DSP-based sound cards or DSP vendor EVM boards are possible.

  • Signalogic uses Visual Bench code and libraries as a base, or starting-point, for custom DSP systems which require application-specific GUI (graphical user-interface). This provides a rapid-prototype advantage for Signalogic in creating turn-key DSP software/hardware systems, based on customer requirements.

  • Examples of application-specific implementations of Visual Bench software include:

    Click here for full-size pictures of Visual Bench GUI examples

    Click on picture for full-size pictures of Visual Bench GUI examples.

    The standard Visual Bench Tech Edition software includes Function Generator and Digital Multimeter instruments. The standard Visual Bench Professional Edition includes Tech Edition instruments plus Digital Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer instruments. As noted above, Signalogic frequently creates application-specific Visual Bench software, designed for specific purposes. Examples include Audio Processor multichannel system, DSP Test and Diagnostic System (DSTADS) used by major telecom companies, real-time DSP-based Audio Advertisement Recognition, and more.

    Below is a description of the off-the-shelf Visual Bench Tech Edition:

    • Function Generator

      • operates with over 100 off-the-shelf, DSP-based DAQ boards;
        hardware cost ranges from USD 200 to USD 3000*

      • sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, and arbitrary (user-defined) output

      • controls include amplitude, duty-cycle (for pulse output), digital offset and scale, number of channels and channel list, hardware attenuation/gain (if applicable), and sampling frequency

      • sampling frequency automatically set to nearest possible hardware-supported value

      • output frequencies from dc to 150 kHz*

      • output amplitude flatness within 0.05 dB*

      • output SNR up to 92 dB*

      • various onscreen indicators, including output frequency precision, graphical waveform indicator, and frequency and amplitude units

      • store generated waveform data to .tim or .wav file

    • Digital Multimeter (DMM)

      • measures Volts, ac Volts, Amps, ac Amps, Ohms, and temperature

      • store acquired waveform data to .tim or .wav file

      • selectable units, auto-range

      • free run mode, or one-shot mode

    • Tech Edition User Interface Features

      • user preferences include selectable knob/control styles, simultaneous text entry for all controls, readout text color, and instrument panel size

      • hardware settings, including sampling rate, programmable output attenuation or input gain, and channel specification are user-selectable*

      • save/recall session settings to configuration file

    Visual Bench instruments are created at Signalogic using the Visual Basic interface provided by the DirectDSP® software package. Using Visual Basic as the programming language has allowed Signalogic to build powerful instruments with a minimum of code, using re-usable components and code drop-ins. This approach leads to greater reliability and straightforward future expansion, and is another example of the depth and range of DSP application knowledge that separates Signalogic from its competitors.

    *Depends on which hardware is used.