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A16D16 Omnibus Module: 200/100 kHz 16-Channel Analog I/O

A16D16 Omnibus Module


The 16 analog inputs on the A16D16 modules are ADS8321 SAR A/D converters, which allow low data latency (delay) critical in control applications and multiplexed channel configurations.   Each A/D channel on the A16D16 module also has a three-pole analog anti-alias filter and differential inputs for noise rejection.  The 16 AD5544 SAR D/A channels on the A16D16 are commonly used as the control outputs for the A16D16.  Each is calibrated for gain and offset errors.   One or two A16D16 modules may be used on M62/67 boards, as control signals for many types of actuators, transducer and other electronic devices.

The A16D16 module plugs into the M62/67 PCI and cPCI base boards, with Texas Instruments C6701 166 MHz 32-bit floating-point DSP processor.

Features Summary

  • Sixteen (16) Simultaneous A/D Inputs

  • Sixteen (16) Simultaneous D/A Outputs

  • 100 kHz, 16-bit SAR Conversion

  • Compatible with M62/67 DSP Boards

  • Visual Studio, MATLAB, LabVIEW,  and Hypersignal Software Support

A16D16 Specifications and Data Sheets

A16D16 Block Diagram