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SigC55xx DSP Module

  SigC5502 DSP module shown above in stand-alone mode, with on-module 5v power input and USB Mini B connector installed
  SigC5502 DSP module shown in PC/104 carrier mode, in which PC104 board provides power (5v), host interface and sync serial or TDM interface
   Side view of SigC5502 module with PC/104 carrier card
  Top view of SigC5502 module with PC104 carrier card
  SigC55xx DSP module shown above in PC development mode. -- Click to see full size picture with captions
MLS Frequency response showing several parametric equalizer filters running in real-time on the SigC5502 card.
Same as above image, except with  low frequency region zoom.
Audio Precision instrument response showing real-time equalizer filters.


The SigC5502 card combines high performance DSP and professional audio quality in an ultra small, dense PCB package. One or dual 5502 DSPs (up to 600 MIPS each) provide stereo 24-bit audio data real-time processing and a range of I/O interfaces, including S/PDIF input, USB 2.0, dual RS-232, synchronous serial, and 8-bit microprocessor bus. The SigC5502 design focuses on the following objectives: The SigC5502 offers two modes of operation: The SigC5502 represents a state-of-the-art achievement in DSP + audio design, offering an unprecedented combination of both high performance and practical features that make it suitable for real-world professional and consumer audio products.

Feature Summary

Below is a feature summary for the SigC5502 card:

  • Up to 1200 MIPS performance, with both 5502 DSPs are installed
  • 256k x 32 zero-wait-state SRAM per processor
  • Very small form-factor, approx 100 x 60 mm
  • Both stand-alone operation and carrier board operation supported. Single 5V power supply with "wall wart" connector for stand-alone operation
  • Stereo 24-bit audio I/O using Cirrus Logic high performance sigma delta codec
  • Boot / FLASH EEPROM stores boot or program code, configuration and other non-volatile application data
  • USB 2.0 port with onboard mini-B style connector
  • Dual RS-232 ports
  • Optional HPI8 interface to host processor (using SODIMM-72 socket on carrier board)
  • JTAG debug/scan and Code Composer Studio software fully supported
  • Supported by SigC55xx Development System which is compatible with DirectDSP®, and Hypersignal®-Macro development software (see below)
  • Applicationss

    Applications for the SigC5502 card include:


    The Texas Instruments C5502 digital signal processor runs at  300 MHz (600 MIPS peak during dual-MAC operations). The 5502 offers a complete set of onchip peripherals, including instruction cache, serial ports, host port, external memory interface, programmable clock PLL, timers, DMA channels, and 32k x 16 of onchip memory.


    The SigC5502 contains an optional 4M x 16 boot/FLASH EEPROM that stores boot or program code, configuration and other non-volatile application data. The boot/FLASH EEPROM is optional and should only be installed if required in cost-sensitive applications.

    Host Interface Logic

    The SigC5502 multiplexes HPI (Host Port Interface) signals for multiple DSPs and allows one or a combination of DSPs to be accessed simultaneously during host writes (broadcast mode), and individually during host reads. Broadcast mode includes onchip memory block writes, program (COFF) file download, reset, run, and external interrupts. HPI interface is only supported when SODIMM edge connector is used.

    SigC55xx Development System

    For more information on the SigC55xx Development system, please click here.

    Note that the SigC54xx-PC/104 and SigC54/55xx-PCI boards may also serve as a development system. If the SigC54xx-PC/104 board is used, it should be plugged into a PC using a "passive carrier" card.

    Analog I/O

    The SigC5502 includes two (2) 24-bit sigma-delta analog I/O channels, implemented using a high-performance Cirrus Logic ADC + DAC codec. Sampling rate ranges from 4 kHz to 96 kHz and is software programmable. A limited amount of input and output attenuation is also software programmable, voltage ranges are jumper-selectable up to +/- 12v. For more information on the SigSD4 Audio Module, please click here.

    Specifications and Data Sheets

    Application Notes and Diagrams

    Application notes and diagrams are listed below:

    SigC55xx Module Software Support

    The SigC5502, as well as other C55xx platforms such as the Texas Instruments DSK C5510 board and SigC54/55xx-PCI board, are supported by Signalogic off-the-shelf DSP software products designed for DSP-based real-time processing and C55xx DSP code development, including: