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SigC67xx-SODIMM Quad C67xx DSP Module

SigC67xx-SODIMM DSP plug-in module top view is shown above. One side contains two (2) 150 MHz C6711 processors (performance boost to 200MHz in 4Q03), two (2) 4M x 32 SDRAM devices, and Host/TDM routing logic, and the other side contains two (2) additional C6711 processor and SDRAM pairs, plus optional boot/FLASH EEPROM device.--
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SigC67xx-SODIMM module mechanical outline shown above. Each SigC67xx module contains up to 4 processors (two per side). See below for data sheet containing detailed mechanical drawings.

Feature Summary


Applications for SigC67xx modules include radar, sonar, control systems, medical, base stations, high precision FFT, wavelet, and other transform processing, VoIP (voice-over Internet protocol) networking functions, VoDSL (voice-over DSL), Internet routing, multiple-channel speech or audio code / decode (e.g. G.729A or MELP speech compression and MP3 audio compression), moderm banks, echo cancellation, and speech recognition. The module approach is particularly well suited to providing a scalable solution for defense electronics, telecom, and Internet equipment applications that require a high number of DSP devices. For example, channel capacity is highly configurable.


SigC67xx-SODIMM module, offers Quad C67xx processing power in small package, provides multiprocessor DSP solutions for defense electronics, telecom, Internet routing, and network infrastructure applications. The modular approach to multiple DSP processing offers higher density and performance, lower-cost, and several advantages for OEM products:


The Texas Instruments C67xx 32-bit floating-point DSP family offers high performance, flexible external memory interface, and a rich set of onchip peripherals. The TMS320C6711, C6712, and C6713, including 150 MHz C6711B, 200 MHz C6711C (available 4Q 2003), 225 MHz C6713, and 100 MHz C6712 digital signal processors range from 100 to 225 MHz (600 to 1350 peak MFLOPS, or 240 to 540 general-purpose code MFLOPS) in processing capability. They offer a complete set of onchip peripherals depending on processor type, including serial ports, host port, PLL, timers, DMA channels, and up to 128k x 32 onchip memory. Cost/performance tradeoff possibilities range from the C6711, an extremely cost effective solution, to higher performance processors, such as the C6713.


The SigC67xx-SODIMM module contains a 4M x 16 boot / FLASH EEPROM that stores boot or program code, configuration and other non-volatile application data.

Host Interface Logic

The SigC67xx-SODIMM module contains PLD logic that multiplexes module edge HPI (Host Port Interface) signals for multiple DSPs and allows one or a combination of DSPs to be accessed simultaneously during host writes (broadcast mode), and individually during host reads. Broadcast mode includes onchip memory block writes, DSP program (COFF) file download, reset, run, and external interrupts.

TDM Routing Logic

The SigC67xx-SODIMM module contains PLD logic that allows flexible serial port/TDM routing capabilities. For example, all DSPs can see the same TDM bus, or be routed to separate serial ports at the module edge. Also, DSPs may communicate to each other via high-speed synchronous serial port. This flexibility allows TDM streams to be tailored to fit the natural architecture of the C67xx DSP family and facilitate DSP software development.

SigC67xx Development System

For more information on the SigC67xx Development system, please click here. Note that the SigC67xx-PC/104 board may also serve as a development system, if plugged into a PC using a "passive carrier" card. More Information

Analog I/O

For more information on the SigSD4 Audio Module, please click here.

Specifications and Data Sheets

SigC67xx Module Software Support

The SigC67xx-SODIMM module, offers Quad C67xx processing power in small package, as well as other C67xx platforms such as the Texas Instruments DSK C6711 and M67 boards, are supported by Signalogic off-the-shelf DSP software products designed for DSP-based real-time processing and C67xx DSP code development, including: