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DSP and Data Acquisition from Visual Basic

Above are digital scope / strip-chart recorder type displays created in Visual Basic 6.0,
using DirectCore software with data acquisition / DSP boards.

Click here to seemore VB + DirectCore display examples.

The DirectCore® software package, in addition to C/C++ and MATLAB® programming interfaces, also includes a Visual Basic interface with the following components:

1) .BAS files which allow VB applications direct access to all DirectCore functions and data structures (click here to see example include files)

2) callback examples illustrating how to handle "buffer ready" events using the Message Blaster VBX (click here to see an example of buffer ready event processing)

3) intermediate VBX functions DSP program file download, acquire waveform buffer, generate waveform buffer, acquire FFT (spectral analysis) buffer, and more (not available until end of 3Q96)

4) high-level VBX functions such as waveform file acquisition and playback, digital oscilloscope, strip-chart recorder, digital tape recorder, and DSP board debugger (not available until end of 3Q96)

DirectCore allows user-defined Visual Basic programs access to the power of DSP and data acquisition hardware by abstracting the details of hardware-related drivers and programs, and providing a consistent API. DirectVotr® software can connect to the Hypersignal®®-Macro package, which currently supports over 70 types of off-the-shelf DSP/acquisition hardware. When a Hypersignal-Macro, Hypersignal-Macro Ex, or Hypersignal-Acoustic package is used, additional DSP-related and real-time instrumentation functions are active. Hardware currently supported by Hypersignal-Macro includes data acquisition boards, low-cost multimedia boards, multichannel DSP boards, and DSP development platforms such as Texas Instruments TMS320C3x/C4x/C5x, Motorola DSP5600x, AT&T DSP32C, and Analog-Devices ADSP-21xx.

Complete VB source code for example programs such as digital oscilloscope, digital tape recorder, strip-chart recorder, and DSP board debugger are provided with DirectCore®. The example programs demonstrate the simplicity of adding DSP and data acquisition support for popular hardware. Separate "DSP Source Code Interface" packages for nine (9) different DSP chip families are available for users who want to customize operation of DLL functions at the DSP level, or for use as a foundation on which to build application-specific DSP products, systems, and algorithms. Signalogic also offers DSP source code development tools, including DSP code C compilers, assemblers, linkers, software simulators, and debuggers.

Click here for more information on DirectCore® software.