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PC/104 DSP/Telecom/Data Acquisition Boards

Click here to play the video clip showing module insertion

The PC/104 form factor is among the smallest available for PC-based or stand-alone DSP boards. At about 3.5" x 3.5", PC/104 boards are smaller than Compact PCI (cPCI), STD bus, etc. The PC/104 bus is a subset of the ISA bus; in almost all cases PC/104 boards can be used in ISA bus computers by using a simple extender or carrier board. In many cases, PC/104 boards use completely surface mount components, including connectors, and have components on both sides of the board.

For applications demanding DSP/data acquisition in the smallest footprint, the SigXXX-PC/104 series of boards makes it possible. Please note that the PC/104 boards listed below are fully supported by DirectCore software, which offers programming interface to C/C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB, and LabView, and Hypersignal-Macro software and Hypersignal-Acoustic software.