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PMC DSP Resource, VoIP, Telephony, and Network Cards

The PMC form-factor is the standard for adding modular functionality to PCI, cPCI, or VME boards. At about 4" x 6", PMC boards are small, compact, and comply with the popular and widespread PMC mechanical form-factor and local PCI bus electrical interface. In many cases, PMC boards use completely surface mount components, including connectors, and have components on both sides of the board, to increase performance density.

The PTMC standard is a PMC-variant, with the "T" meaning Telecom. PTMC boards adhere to the same mechanical form-factor as PMC, but define connectors PN3 and PN4 for telecom standards, instead of arbitrary user I/O.

For applications demanding DSP and telecom in a small footprint, the SigXXX-PMC series of boards makes it possible. The PMC boards listed below are fully supported by DirectCore® Software, which offers programming interface to C/C++ programs running under Linux and WinXP.