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C6xxx University Packages

  DSK C6711     Click on image to see full-size picture

The SBSUNIV-T6x university package includes the following:

  • The DSK C6211 or DSK C6711 board:

    • The DSK C6211 board is a Texas Instruments external  DSK board with 150 MHz 'C6211  processor and 2-channel 16-bit analog I/O (codec). The DSK C6211 board connects to the host PC using EPP (enhanced parallel port). The C6211 performs 16 x 16 fixed-point multipliers and can store a 32-bit fixed-point result.

  • DirectDSP®; software provides direct access to DSP and analog I/O on C6xxx boards from Visual C/C++, Visual Basic, and MATLAB. Includes demo programs, example source code, and example project files. Functions include low-level board control and interrogation, high-rate memory transfers (either when DSP is halted or while DSP code continues to run), DSP property set/get (e.g. analog I/O initialization, function parameters, etc). When used with the C62xx and C67xx Source Code Interfaces, DirectDSP software provides a complete real-time code development environment, including well-documented method to add application-specific C code to the real-time processing stream, while keeping host interface, analog I/O support, continuous sampling, and sample buffer management intact.

  • MATLAB® Interface DirectDSP provides a MATLAB interface to the C62xx or C67xx DSP on the DSK board, including analog I/O and communication with real-time DSP code as it runs. DirectDSP software contains drivers that handle the parallel port communication via the host port on the DSK board. See DirectDSP item above.

  • Super Low-Cost USD 910 includes all of the above

  • User-Defined Real-Time C Code Option Addition of the C62xx or C67xx Source Code Interface (SCI) option allows creation and real-time "digital scope" monitoring of user-defined C code on the DSP. Add USD 636 for this option.

  • A USD 415 credit is available for the C6211 or C6711 boards if a board with more channels, higher sampling rate, and more processing power is required. Click here for a list of possible C6xxx board types

How to Order


1) Above price for base SBSUNIV-xxx packages available only when ordered through authorized distributors.

2) Above price valid only when software is used for instructional / teaching purposes. Verification of this may be required.

3) Quantity is limited at the USD 910 price. Offer may no longer be valid at any time.