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Vibration Analysis at Signalogic

Signalogic Tools for Vibration Analysis

Signalogic offers a wide range of DSP-based software and hardware tools useful for vibration analysis. Generally, these fall into three (3) categories:


Software items which offer vibration analysis capabilities include:


Examples of DSP/data acquisition boards available from Signalogic's hardware product line which are suitable for vibration analysis applications include:

Application-Specific User-Interface (GUI)

Visual Bench GUI Examples

Signalogic uses its Visual Bench™ software as a basis for custom DSP-based systems. Typically, such a system contains one or more DSP/data acquisition board(s), DirectCore® software, Hypersignal®-Acoustic software, and appropriate board drivers for Win9x or WinXP.

Click here for more information about Visual Bench software, and click here to see Visual Bench GUI examples.

Other high-performance multichannel boards similar in capability but with different DSP processor types, different signal quality specification, different amounts of maximum SRAM, etc. include the M67 plus SD4 module, and M44 plus SD4 module

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