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DSP Real-Time Algorithms

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Frequency domain (2-D spectrograph)
and time domain (waveform display /
edit) graphs of pre-MELP data
(trace 1), and MELP-processed data
(trace 2)

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same data as above, with detail zoom


In addition to off-the-shelf DSP software/hardware development tools and OEM products, Signalogic also develops real-time DSP algorithms for use in telecom, control system, and audio / acoustic applications. The company can offer integrated solutions because of its unique combined expertise in both DSP hardware and software. For example, turn-key, ready-to-run "telecom IP modules" are available which combine CONAN, SIMM and SODIMM multi-DSP hardware modules with DSP real-time code. Click here to see examples of multiprocessor C54xx modules.

Voice and Video Algorithms

Signalogic offer a wide range of real-timevoice and video algorithms for Texas Instruments C64x and C55x devices.

DSP Source Code Interfaces

In addition to specific algorithms, Signalogic also provides general DSP Source Code Interface (DSP SCI) software for several DSP processor families. DSP SCIs include:

One important purpose of DSP SCIs is to allow designers to add application-specific real-time DSP code to the off-the-shelf DSP/data acquisition hardware supported by Signalogic. The DSP SCI format makes it straightforward to insert application-specific C/asm code into the real-time data stream.

Another important purpose is to provide integration support for high-performance telecom, control system, and acoustic/audio algorithms; by providing a framework, including analog and digital I/O support and host interface, integration and debug for algorithms is made consistent, well-documented, and simplified.

Click here formore information about DSP Source Code Interface software.

Algorithms Summary

Below is a table summarizing the current status of real-time DSP algorithm development at Signalogic. Algorithms either complete or in progress are listed, including processor supported, code composition, resources required, and current availability status.

For more information, including development system cost and licensing fees, please contact : dspinfo (at)

Algorithm Application(s) Processor(s) Supported Code Composition Resources Required Host GUI Status


Telecom, Internet


20% C, 80% asm

40k x 16 program, 32k x 16 data, 80 MIPS (100 MHz C54xx, full-duplex analysis + synthesis)

GUI with simulation and real-time modes. Also supported fully byVDS.

Complete 600 bps In Work

Audio content Recognition with Graphical Display, including real-time reporting, diagnistics Media, entertainmentC67xx

50% C, 50% asm

64k byte onchip 8M x 32 SDRAM N ch * 300 MFLOPs (150 MHz c6711)

GUI with monitoring real-time display, result log


PID Controller

Control system


50% C, 50% asm

2k x 32, N channels * 5 MIPS (60 MHz C32)

GUI with graphical display, including error signal


MPEG Audio, layer II/III (MP3)

Telecom, Internet, Audio





In work

Real-Time Convolver

Audio, Acoustic, general-purpose frequency domain filtering



depends on number of channels and size of filter

Visual Bench™ software