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Quatro67 MultiDSP Platform

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The Quatro67 is an ultra-high performance coprocessor network-on-a-card featuring four (4) tightly coupled TMS320C67x processors. This performance powerhouse is suitable for a wide range of computationally demanding applications including adaptive control, high bandwidth noise cancellation, complex simulations and advanced signal processing.

Applications include video and image HPC, numeric coprocessing, and large-scale data reduction.

The Quatro67 employs four (4) TMS320C67x processors. Each 'C67x processor features several onchip peripherals including two (2) 32-bit counter/timers, four (4) flexible DMA channels, 1 Mbit of on-chip RAM, a dedicated parallel host port interface (HPI) and a prioritized interrupt controller. Memory on the Quatro67 includes a 128k x 32 asynchronous SRAM region (ASRAM) for bus mastering transfers and up to 16M x 32 of 1 wait-state synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) per processor. Per processor memory may also be expanded to include 1M x 32 of 0 wait-state synchronous burst RAM (SBRAM).


Quatro67 Add-On Boards

  • M67 Flexible DSP/Data Acquisition Board
  • VMFC-2100 single- or dual-port Fibre Channel Mezzanine Board

Quatro67 Block Diagram

Below is a block diagram depiction of the Quatro67. Note that in any cases where the block diagram and specifications above disagree, the specifications above are correct:

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Quatro67 Software Support

The Quatro67 board is supported by Signalogic off-the-shelf DSP software products designed for DSP-based data acquisition and C67x DSP code development. The software items listed below use VxD and kernel-mode device drivers developed by Signalogic, and provide support for the Quatro67 under Win9x, and WinXP:

Hypersignal®-Macro and Hypersignal-Acoustic software series, which offer a number of simulation and real-time instrument functions. Simulation functions include DSP and math functions, time domain display (including waterfall, contour, magnitude, unwrapped phase), difference equation, digital FIR and IIR filter design, sampling rate conversion, frequency zoom, wavelet transform, minimum phase calculation, and many more. Instrument functions include spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscope, stimulus & response measurement, continuous signal generation, real-time "snap-in" filtering, continuous disk record and generate, and more.

DirectCore® is a Windows library which provides low-level and high-level calls for user-defined C/C++, Visual Basic, MATLAB®, or LabVIEW® programs. DirectCore includes low-level Quatro67 board control functions such as reset/run/hold, register access, block memory transfer, DSP executable file download, etc. High-level functions include waveform file acquire/generate, continuous signal generation, and execution of any arbitrary Hypersignal DSP or math function. DirectCore includes strip-chart recorder, digital oscilloscope and digital tape recorder demo program and source code examples.

The TMS320C67x Source Code Interface contains numerous C67x algorithms and functions in source and binary form, such as optimized FFTs, filters, matrix, transcendental, trig, signal manipulation function, Quatro67 board initialization and analog I/O examples, etc. These functions form the basis of higher-level software functions and instruments; modification can be used to customize Hypersignal or DirectDSP operation. User-defined C routine hooks are provided for real-time algorithm development. The C67x Source Code Interface can be used as a basic foundation for user-defined real-time DSP systems and products.

Real-Time Composer™ is a Windows program which offers a block-diagram based design environment that allows both block-diagram simulation and interactive display and instrument functions, including control over individual Hypersignal and MATLAB blocks. The DSPower-Real-Time Code Generator includes complete visual IDE for Texas Instruments development tools, and allows C source code generation from block diagram, with generated programs compiled and downloaded to the Quatro67 board for real-time execution.